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As with any custom designed product, data revisions and oversights do occur. To combat costly oversites, PictoGraphix has set up an in-house data checking system and also offers clients online access to our server to view their EvacMaps under develpment. All drawings are printed and framed only after our checking program has been completed and final diagram verification by the client is confirmed.

Evacuation signs with omissions or errors, created on our part, will be revised free of charge. Similarly any frame or laminated drawing that upon arrival is deemed damaged (not as a result of shipping), or defective in any way shall be exchanged and all shipping expenses incurred will be paid for by PictoGraphix. 

The photoluminescent (PL) material in all our sign systems are guaranteed to function normally for 20 years or more. Photoluminescent safety signs and markers have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.  All adhesives, casements or printing that accompany the PL material have a 1 year manufacturers warranty covering defects.

Revisions to drawings that were not the fault PictoGraphix will be billed at the rate of $65/hr. All shipping costs associated with revisions and returns will be paid for by the client.

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