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Building Evacuation Map Sign Solutions
Building Maps for Offices, Schools, Colleges and Manufacturing



Save time and Money by Ordering Building Evacuation Maps Online

For over 20 years, Pictographix has serviced clients with building evacuation map signs. Each year we deliver thousands of EvacMap signs to schools, offices, factories and hotels across the country.

Building evacuation diagrams are now printed to metal, plastic or acrylic with a max. sizes of 36" x 48".
A wide selection of aluminum sign holders are also available if paper or vinyl prints are required.

Custom Building Evacuation Maps and Fire Evacuation Plans
Meet Local Fire Code and OSHA Requirements

Depending on the jurisdiction and building occupancy type, the local fire code might require the posting of your building evacuation plans along with floor plan schematics. 

Posted building evacuation maps should indicate the floor plan, the viewer location on the floor plan and at least 2 evacuation routes to exits. Floor plans can also indicate important fire safety equipment locations and written safety instructions.

Our mission is to deliver best practice Design Elements that communicate legible floor plan graphics and safety instructions.

Digital Prints and Evacuation Plan Holders offer a Professional Look
Appealing Evacuation Plan Displays and Sign Holders

Whether vandal resistant or water proof placards are required of if looking for custom frames and sign holders, give us a call. We supply a wide range of sign products designed to suit any budget or aesthetic requirement. 

Handsome sign displays convey a professional look and your building occupants will feel confident that their safety is in good hands. Properly designed diagrams and functional displays will impress not only your OSHA and fire inspector but also your clients, employees and building occupants. Have your building evacuation plans printed to Metal, Acrylic, PVC placards or choose from a selection of evacuation plan sign holders.


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Code Compliant Building Evacuation Maps
Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Manufacturing, Institutes, High-Rises, Condominiums 

Pictographix building evacuation maps are found in offices, schools, hospitals, oil platforms and 

government buildings world-wide; contact us to discuss your project today.

U.S. & Canada call: 1-800-504-3822
(International: 514-369-2444)

EvacMap™ fire evacuation maps display written and graphic safety instructions that are tailored to your facility and fire ordinance requirements. Your floor plans are prominently featured and the viewer location (You Are Here), emergency egress routes, fire exits and unlimited safety equipment are indicated. Site maps, EMS access routes, assembly areas and custom features can be added as needed.


Evac-Map™ Building Evacuation Maps prominently indicate the location of your fire and safety equipment, egress routes and workplace evacuation procedures. 

An Industry Leader in Building Evacuation Schematics
Building evacuation maps are a component of the Emergency Action Plan.

EvacMap™ fire evacuation plans and fire safety maps are designed to compliment facility specific Fire and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) and to meet local / national fire safety requirements. 

Precision drafted emergency evacuation maps are delivered to your door, ready to install. Offering a wide selection of placards and building evacuation map sign holders to meet any budgetary and aesthetic requirement. During the design process, Login to access your diagrams online; verify diagram proofs before delivery and print copies as needed. Save time and money by ordering through a specialized service bureau. 

Custom Service Sign Center

  • Precision drafted floor plans and safety maps
  • Full size blue prints and electronic files accepted
  • Digital reduction / printing / design services
  • Online project verification-password protected
  • Free consultation and Toll-Free help line.

Sign Holders & Displays

  • Diagrams printed to acrylic or plastic media
  • Architectural casements and tamper-proof displays
  • UV safe / moisture proof displays
  • Photoluminescent (Glow-in-the-dark) sign holders
  • All artwork is also delivered as print-ready .pdf files

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