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EvacMapâ„¢ Building Evacuation Maps for Offices, Schools and Industry
Supporting a Safer Workplace Environment


Strategically placed emergency evacuation maps serve to educate and inform your building occupants about accessible evacuation routes to nearby fire exits. The posting of evacuation diagrams might be required depending on your local fire code, insurer or accreditation bureau.

Evac Map building evacuation maps are tailored to your organization and Emergency Action Plan requirements. Re-drafted floor plans indicate your fire and safety equipment as well as the viewer location (You Are Here) and evacuation routes to nearby exits. We include your custom safety instructions, corporate branding and building address as needed.

Building Evacuation Map Anatomy

1 - Re-drafted floor plans   2 - Custom header/colors  3 - Custom safety instructions 
4 - Symbol legend  5 - Building identification  6 - Site Map with Assembly Area (option)

Learn about OSHA emergency evacuation planning and building evacuation. (U.S.- OSHA)


One-stop safety sign services:


To obtain a quick quote for your building evacuation sign project simply complete the

 "Quick Quote" form and an itemized quote will be on your desk the following business day.

Additional Services:

Building Safety Maps:
Floor plan diagrams indicating all emergency exits, safety equipment, emergency utility shut-off points, severe weather shelter, EMS entry, facility Site Map, Assembly Area and company Emergency Contacts and safety notices - customized as needed. Posted at main entrances; large format prints available.


Severe Weather and Earthquake Maps:
Floor plan diagrams indicating sever weather shelter and earthquake instructions - regional evacuation routes incorporated into diagram along with instructions to follow in the event of a  natural disaster. Posted at main entrances - large format prints available.


Emergency Response Pamphlets:
All essential safety instructions neatly condensed into a pamphlet (5.5" x 8.5" heavy stock paper - lamination available)Emergency response pamphlet contain key elements of your Emergency Action Plan and can be distributed to employees or property residents. The pamphlet outlines procedures taken during a fire, natural disaster or other emergency situations.

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